Monday, 1 December 2014


It's the 1st of December and we're that much closer Christmas holidays. I thought  I'd make a November collage according my my Instagram account. I haven't done these before, but hey, better late than never, right?

1. Getting ready for a swing dance Halloween party. I went as a ghoulish flapper
2. Dancing our butts off
3. Cute fabric found inside a vintage pattern envelope
4. We also got the first snow of the year. Whole 20 cm of it
5. But the next day all the snow started to melt away
6. A bouquet of flowers from my baby
7. Gomez liking my new bed cover
8. Finally a mini thanks giving dinner I did with my sweetheart, including a roasted chicken, rye bread stuffing, green beans, whipped sweet potato, pecan pie and fig-cranberry jam.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A badass mid-season coat

Hey there! Here's something I finished a little while ago. I "needed" a new mid-season / winter jacket, because I sold my old black winter coat that...had...gotten...a little...tight... So I made a an other one using a 40's home sewing pattern as a base. Well all I really changed were the sleeves by removing the darts from the sleeve cap. I also decided to make patch pockets instead of ones embedded in the seams.

And because I like doing things properly, I chose to use hair canvas on the collar, lapels and front facing to give it a nice shape. 

My old jacket had a leopard teddy fur collar, so I wanted the same thing on my new coat. I also covered some buttons with the faux fur and chose a leopard printed lining fabric.As for the main fabric I chose a deep grey-brown, medium to heavy weight coat fabric. I lined the entire bodice with fusible interfacing to give it more body.

A badass mid-season coat at VintageFollies

A badass mid-season coat at VintageFollies

Me and my boyfriend jokingly call it The pimp coat, because of the leopard collar and buttons. 

A badass mid-season coat at VintageFollies

I also got me a pair of new winter boots. I moved a little further from my studio, so I'm gonna a have a little longer of a walk to go to work. There boots are really comfy and will do just great in the snow and ice.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Retro & Vintage + Design Expo Pakkahuoneella

Tässä menovinkki viikonlopulle:

"Retro & Vintage Design Expo tulee Tampereelle!
Tullikamarin Pakkahuoneella retroillaan 25.-26.10.14 lauantaina ja sunnuntaina kello 10-16.

Pakkahuone täyttyy silloin vintage viehätyksistä, reteimmästä retrosta ja 1950-1980 lukujen designista.

Tarjolla kalusteita, valaisimia, lasia, keramiikkaa, koruja, POP-"antiikkia", industriaalia, vintage vaatteita, asusteita, sisustustekstiilejä, keräilyä ajalta, julisteita, pienpainatteita, leluja, levyjä, vintage-audiolaitteita, katalogeja, ym, ym,....

Pääsyliput aikuisilta 6 €, alle 18 - vuotiaat maksutta. "

Tapahtumasivulle pääset tästä

Monday, 13 October 2014


I've just released a small new collection of reproduction clothing that is available in my Esty -shop and I thought I'd share a little bit about each of them.

1940s Butterick home sewing pattern and VintageFollies

First up is the 40's reproduction, Veronica -dress. I picked up this pattern a while ago and in fact I have used it once before. Maybe You remember this one:

Black wool 40s reproduction dress at VintageFollies

This pattern took a little bit of work to get the fit right, but once I got it, it was totally worth it. I really like working with this pattern although it does have a lot of details which amount to a lot of work. But I really like the silhouette.

Purple rayon 40s reproduction dress at VintageFollies by CheriseDesign

The reason why I hadn't brought this dress into my collection earlier is because I hadn't found the perfect fabric. But now I have it! I found the fabric at the local fabric wholesale store and it was love at first sight. The fabric is a very dark, almost inky purple rayon and polyester blend. It is quite heavy in weight yet not toot thick, with a nice full bodied drape. The surface of the fabric has a sateen weave which gives it a nice sheen, and with thin woven stripes. To me this fabric is the perfect fall fabric.

Purple rayon 40s reproduction dress at VintageFollies by CheriseDesign

The bodice gets its shape from a number of darts under the bust which open up at the top and drape at the shoulder. The skirt is also made with several panels that widen towards the hem at the front giving the skirt part a nice flare. I also like the pouchey sleeves that have been draped on the shoulder and gathered at the cuff with several pleats. 

Purple rayon 40s reproduction dress at VintageFollies by CheriseDesign

You can find more information about this dress here in my Etsy -shop
or here in my webshop

Purple rayon 40s reproduction dress at VintageFollies by CheriseDesign

Sunday, 28 September 2014

1940s black widow

Hi there! Long time no talk - again! I just don't get many chances to take pictures of my everyday outfits nor are they always so interesting or new. Today my friend and me had a little fun, did our hair and make up and went out to take pictures of each others. 

I wore a dress I bought from Suvi-vintage fair last summer. It was the last day of the fair and almost closing time when I was doing my last round. The dress didn't look like much in the hanger, but when I tried it on, it fit perfectly - so ofcourse I had to take it home.

1940s black rayon dress at VintageFollies

1940s black rayon dress at VintageFollies

1940s black rayon dress at VintageFollies

The hat is 1930's and I bought it from a friend a long time ago. The shoes are a more recent find though. They're from the 40's and bought at a home and interior fair where I was helping out at my second job. I was just leaving for the day when I saw these shoes on the floor of one of the stands - what luck! And they are exactly my size too.

1940s black rayon dress at VintageFollies

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